You can now have the Kemistry Hookah experience at your private party or event.
We do all the work, so you can relax, enjoy your party and clouds of smoke with our hookahs!
Great for parties, celebrations, team building events, or any other reason you can think of.
Kemistry Hookah catering includes:
We will bring everything you need including the hookahs, tobacco flavors, charcoal, hoses, disposable mouthpieces and much more to your desired location. 
We set up and remain onsite to service the hookahs for the duration of your party, event or meeting.
This includes the hookahs, disposable tips, 4 flavors of your choice (can bring more for an additional fee), coals, supplies and you very own Hookah Connoisseur.
Our Kemistry Hookah Lounge employee will stay the entire time contracted and all the hookah clean up after. We do all the work including changing the coals, refilling the shisha, and fixing the hookah when requested.
We bring 2 hookah per every 6 guest. Please finalize your guest count with us one week in advance.
Kemistry Hookah employee will be dressed in all black with a black or white Kemistry Hookah shirt on. If you require alternative attire, please inquire.

Kemistry Hookah charges 8.875% sales tax and a travel fee of $50 for all locations within 1 hour driving distance of Houston
For events beyond 1 hour driving distance of Houston please inquire about the travel fee.

Other Info


 No refunds unless approved by owner.
Kemistry Hookah will only service guest who are 21 years of age or older.

We cannot prepare or serve hookah’s to guest who are less than  21 years of age. 
We have the right to request ID on demand.
There is a 20% deposit required to book your event & the balance is due 1 week prior to the date of your 
Any broken or damaged hookahs  will be charged to you at a rate of $75 per hookah.
We require use of a sink with running cold water in order to prepare the hookahs.



Liquor to base: $100+
Milk to base: $25+
Ice Hose: $5 per hose (we bring 1 hookah per 4 guest)
Ice Buckets $5 per bucket (1 hookah per 4 guest)
Additional Flavors (beyond 4): $80 per flavor
Pineapple Heads: $25 per hookah
Sparklers: $10 per hookah

Special requests available with managers approval

Small Party

Package includes:
3 Hookahs

(1 glass + 2 Modern or Classic hookahs)
3 Fruit Heads 
2 Hours of service
Good for parties up to 15 people.
Served by 1 Hookah Connoisseur.
Extra hour $49
from $199

Get Together

Package includes:
5 Hookahs

(2 glass + 3 Modern or Classic hookahs)
5 Fruit Heads
2 Hours of service
Good for parties up to 30 people.
Served by 1 Hookah Connoisseur.
Extra hour $75
from $299

Big Bash

Package includes:
10 Hookahs

(3 glass + 7 Modern or Classic hookahs)
10 Fruit Heads
2 Hours of service
Good for parties up to 60 people.
Served by 2 hookah Connoisseurs.
Extra hour $99
from $499


Package includes:
15 Hookahs

(5 glass + 10 Modern or Classic hookahs)
15 Fruit Heads
2 Hours of service
Good for parties up to 90 people.
Served by 2 Hookah Connoisseurs.
Extra hour $149
from $799


Grand Feast